Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Faves 7/3/09

Happy Holiday Weekend- here are my Favs!

1. America
I love our country and the freedom that we have!
I am so thankful to be an American citizen!

2. Fireworks
self explanatory....

3. Cookouts
I am so excited to go to a 4th of July party/cookout tomorrow
with friends and family! YUM!

4. Lawn Mowers {or the sound of it!}
I LOVE the sound of the lawn being mowed-
it is so summery to me! Makes me smile everytime I wake up and
hear the sound of the lawn being mowed in the distance!

5. Slip N Slides
remember these? I loved playing on a slip n slide when I was a kid!
I just found one at Target and now I am teaching my own kids to
enjoy the simple joy of the backyard sprinkler!

that is all for this week!
I hope you have a SAFE and FUN holiday weekend!
xoxo~ Zoa :-)


Jill said...

Great 5's! You should see my daughter on her Slip and Slide. She can't figure out how to well slip and slide. She stops before she gets to the front and then jumps on it and doesn't slide at all. It's sadly pathetic but funny at the same time. LOL

pink4u said...

Zoa... Happy 4th...enjoy your weekend.....Happy BBQ~~~~

Jen said...

Great faves! Hope you had a great day yesterday!

Kaytee said...

Great faves!!!! Hope you had a great 4th!

BethieJ said...

GREAT FAVs Zoa!! Hope you had a WONDERFUL time on the 4th!!!