Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pinewood Derby & A High Heel Shoe...

My boys recently had their Pinewood Derby in Cub Scouts, and the whole family decided to participate. They have an "open class" race for friends and family members, so we each made a car that fit our personalities.... and let me tell you, my family is pretty creative!
Matt made a Lego car, Julianna made an electric guitar, Simon a race car, Oliver a pirate ship & Anabelle made a "purple & green monkey" car.

I am so proud of Simon & Oliver- they ended up placing 1st & 2nd place!!!


All I could think about was making a PRIMA car (haha!) and then I got the great idea to make a high heel shoe- complete with Prima decoration... Not only does my car look fantastic, it came in 2nd place overall! I was beat only by my darling daughter, Anabelle and her monkey car.
Not a bad way to go in my opinion ;0)



Who says the Pinewood Derby is just for boys? This Diva had a blast! HAHA! ;0)

Happy Weekend~ Zoa

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