Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My "Scrap" Room

for those of you who know me well...
you know that I kidnapped my dining room about a year ago
and turned into my scrap space...

Here is how the story began:
When we moved to North Dakota in 2007,
our new house didn't have an extra room all my scrapbook
and craft supplies... so I started using my dining room table.

After about 6 mths of that, I decided the room was
being used for scrapping far more than eating,
and lucky for me, I have an AMAZING husband that allowed
me this madness ;) I love seeing the look on people's faces when
they come to my house for the first time and realize that
my dining room is not for "dining" at all!

So here are a few pics I recently took- Enjoy!

The view as you enter my scrap area and also the only way into
my kitchen!
I keep a rectangular folding table set up next to my
dining room table for when my
friends come over to scrap with me :)

The view from my living room looking into my scrap area:

My PRIMA cabinet {in all it's GORGEOUS glory!} and my peg board
wall. I call see
everything here from my scrap area, so I know what I
have and I use it more often. I
usually change out the stuff on the
peg board every couple months and put newer
products up there. I
figure if I haven't used it after staring at it for 2-4 months, then
probably won't anytime soon ;) My Prima cabinet is getting full,
but there is always
PLENTY of room for more PRIMA in my life!!!

My scrap area- where I sit, create and make all my pages and
projects. I love sitting facing
my living room, because then I can
still "hang out" with my family even when I am scrapping.
I keep a
photo box full of recent pictures on the table next to me, so that I
always have
something to work on. When I want to use my
sewing machine, I just go sit on the other side
of the table!

My favorite "Chili Pepper Cabinet"- named for the chili pepper
design on the bottom doors of the cabinet. Although you can only
see a small part of the whole thing, this is my favorite piece of
furniture in my house! I absolutely LOVE it! I bought it several
years ago from an Antique store in Jax Beach, FL., and it has had
a place of honor in my dining room ever since!
I have always used
it to store and display dishes, but I have now commandeered the
lower 2 levels for scrapping stuff. I used the bar {originally to hold
plates in} as a ribbon organizer- it
works AWESOME for my ribbon
and lace!!! I also have several large antique jars that I have found
here and there, that I am now using to store buttons, ribbon, lace etc
in. I have those displayed on there as well.


My recently acquired clip it up!! I have it on the sideboard behind
my scrap area,
so all I have to do is turn around, and everything
is in reach! This is an AWESOME
invention- it has really helped
me to organize a lot of my stash that takes up too much room

on my pegboard.

Another view of my messy {although fairly clean for me!} scrap
area! I keep most things that I use regularly within arm's reach
somewhere on the table... so there is always quite a bit of stuff on
there. I took the pictures while there was a page in progress...
although it is now finished and will be put up here on my blog
{probably tomorrow!}


thanks so much for letting me share with you!!
Feel free to ask any questions, offer suggestions

or even to criticize! LOL :)
Have a WONDERFUL day and happy scrapping!


Jennifer said...

That's AWESOME!!!!! Great space! I have a room but it's awful-messy right now...and I have to buy lightbulbs!!! lol

pepsigirl said...

What a fabulous space to create in!!!

BethieJ said...

I LOVE Your space Zoa!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

Mara... said...

LOVE it Zoa!!!! I love how you can see so much of your stash, makes using it so much easier!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Great space, Chica!!! Love it and am in awe of all your lace!

Leigh said...

Your room looks fabulous!

Debbie ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

LOVE your scrappy space!!!

Daniela said...

Awesome space!

Krissy said...

Good grief, I'm moving in!