Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Favs 3/13/09

It is Friday.... time again for my Friday Favs!

1. My husband- Matt
he has been amazing this week while I was sick :)
love you honey!!!


2. Cosmo Cricket "Everafter"
I love love love this line by Cosmo Cricket... I got my first small sample of it in the mail today, and now I want it ALL! Gorgeous!

(plus the "dear hubby panic button" on the CC website always makes me laugh!)


3. Pottery Barn Furniture
I want this living room:
(then I remember that I have 4 kids and white is not practical)


4. Fresh Flowers
Matt surprised me with these gorgeous sunflowers!!
I LOVE getting a fresh flower surprise!!


I have been browsing this site all week. I am blown away by the talent here!
here is one of my fav new shops I found:
(and YES! I am ordering one of these adorable tutus for Annie!)

lilsoutherngirl's ETSY Shop


that's all for this week!
thanks for all the wonderful comments and have a FABULOUS weekend!
Zoa :)


Tammy said...

I just love your Friday faves!!! Pottery Barn......I just <3 them!!!

mustangkayla said...

I never noticed that Hubby link on the Cosmo Cricket site! Thats hilarious!

pink4u said...

Great Faves* I totally am in love with that pink tutu!! It is so sweet!!
Glad you are feeling so much better. Enjoy your weekend!


robin said...

yeah, I will take that Pottery Barn furniture, too! :)

Gine said...

Great fives.....and I had to click down the comment box to drool a little over the kit below...YUMMY

Have a great weekend =)

Shellye said...

I love your favs too! First time I've ever seen a pic of your hubby...ya'll are so cute!!!

Andrea said...

I should do these fav's every week!! It is so fun to read!!! I especially love the tutu!! I am getting Rowan one to wear on her 2nd birthday!! I even found a lady to make bloomers for under it!!

Oh and to answer your comment on my blog...I am feeling great!! Thanks for asking!

Sandra said...

I love your FAVES!! OMG, what a great idea...can I steal it (but switch it up a bit?) :) Your blog is looking great girl - and I love your Jason Mraz playing in the background! AND ummmmmmmmmmm...your layouts always inspire me and blow me away. Luv ya!