Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Favs

TGIF! Happy Friday everyone!
I am getting my wisdom teeth surgically removed first thing in the morning, so I am posting these early.

Here we go:

1. Christian Louboutin Shoes
I came across this STUNNING shoe, appropriately named the "Dream Shoe" and I fell... in love that is! I don't know if I could actually walk gracefully in these shoes... but I am definitely wearing them in my dreams. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these heels!


2. Farm Town
I am so obsessed with this Facebook App!! I have a farm and crops and animals... what more can I say? If you become my neighbor I will send you a tree or an animal ;)


3. EK Success Binding Edge Border Punch
Brand new and *hopefully* in a store near you- I LOVE this punch! It makes the paper look like it was just ripped out of a spiral notebook. AND- if you are lucky, you can get it on sale for about $10 this week @ Michael's!


4. Real Housewives of NYC
I love Reality TV!!! This show is on my "must see TV" list right now- these women are hilarious & ridiculous and I keep watching, because I am dying to see what happens next.
(airs on BRAVO)


5. Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream
Super fattening, but delicious! I plan to eat a lot of this while I am recovering from my oral surgery ;)



Lynette said...

Good luck with the wisdom teeth...hope you have a speedy recovery.

Paulien van den Bosch said...

ohhhhhh hon..... Good luck!!!!!!!

Those heals.... yes they are GORGEOUS, but only for display.... those would kill me... really.

domestic goddess said...

OMGG those shoes are amazing!!!
Good luck with the dentist xx

pink4u said...

THOSE SHOES ARE STUNNING!!! You NEED those shoes!!!!

I am so addicted the the Housewives..OC are my faves..although I watch all of them.. so crazy!!

Love that punch!!

Congrats Design Team member!!!! :)
Happy weekend!!

pink4u said...

I forgot to wish you a speedy recovery....Take care!!
Joanie :)

mustangkayla said...

Hope your surgery goes well! I love that EK punch! Sure wish I had a Michaels near me!

Lynn said...

Hope you are feeling better! Take care! :)

Gine said...

LOVE your fives
I got that punch last week(40%cupon at M's), it is soooo awesome...The shoes..ohhlala

Hope you feel better soon
Have a great weekend =)

Heidi Kelley said...

Okay, I have been lusting over those shoes for the last week also. :)

Great faves!

Calia Yang said...

Love those heels!!! but thank goodness i'm not a dress shoe person. I love them on other ppl - just not me - I can't walk on heels for the life of me!! LOL

great fave picks!

Mara... said...

I love the NYC housewives too!! And there's than brownie ice cream, looks good too!!!

Debbie ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

OMGosh...I love the shoes!!! And the BJ ice cream...and the punch!! Hope you're feeling better now! I've been a flake the last few weeks on getting my fave 5 posted. I will try to do better! Take care girlie!!