Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moving... The Good, The Bad & The Hopeful!

Wellllll for those of you that aren't following my moving saga...
We have thought for months that we were moving back to Florida (my home town)
We have just been realizing recently that financially it is just not really working. The economy here is much better than it is in Jacksonville, FL. Matt has a good, stable job here and we have not been affected too much by the economic problems that some other cities are facing (besides gas prices!!) So we are resigned to the fact that we might be staying here for awhile.

We had been renting a house, and we had given notice to our landlord a couple months ago that we were leaving at the end of June (yep- in approx 1 week!) So our landlord took the opportunity to put the house up for sale, and wouldn't you know it? The first couple that looked at it wanted it (I think it has something to do with my SUPERB decorating skills ;) LOL!)

Soooo..... we have to find another place quick!
Enter- "The House" (see pic below)
The house of my dreams.... and at an unbelievable price!
We find out on Monday or Tuesday (hopefully) if we get the house or not....
If you pray- please send one up for us!
I have been praying like

a mad woman for the past few days!!

I will keep you guys posted! In the meantime,
I guess I better start packing!


Andrea said...

I'm praying for you!!!

Anam_Kihaku said...

sending positive vibes for your house.

ps - drop me an email about riff raff - have something for you :)

mel said...

praying and crossing my fingers and toes that a beautiful house..GOOD LUCK

Laura S. said...

Sending you prayers for a good outcome. Looks like a great house!!

BethieJ said...

Zoa... you got all my house buying prayers I can send you!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Good luck!!!