Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2 things!

Today is November 12th!
that means you need to participate in
12 on the 12th!

Take 12 pictures of your day today and then scrap them!

- was it warm enough to have the windows open
- was it cold enough for the dogs to steal a blanket
- what did you have for breakfast
- did the kids grumble about having to go back to school after
Veteran's day-off
- what is on your TO DO list today
- do you even HAVE a to do list for today
- what was the temperature outside
- heck, what was the temperature inside
- what was the price of gas in your city
- who came home first today
- did you get any good mail
- what did you defrost for dinner
- who set the table
- who had the most homework after school
- who fell asleep on the couch
- and what time did you hit the hay

AND a picture of yourself!
Have fun!!


Happy 9th Birthday Simon!
I hope your day is wonderful- I love you!!!


Mara... said...

Great pic of your Simon, Zoa!!! I love all the Halloween pics you shared below, looks like you had a great time.

Jenny B in Indy said...

Happy Birthday, Simon!!

O said...

Hi :) first...Happy Birthday to Simon! Secondly...those huge pumpkins are so the pictures of you guys sitting on them. Thirdly, your list of photo possibilities is great! I'm going to have to copy it for December :)