Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I spent most of today creating an online gallery and uploading my pages into it. whew! what a lot of work!! I spent a lot of time actually looking at my pages today while I was uploading and writing descriptions, and I realized that my scrapping style changes constantly- the pages I have made in the last couple months, are a completely different style than the pages I made last fall. For that matter, the pages I made in March are different than the pages I was making in January. It is funny to me that my style constantly evolves- even after 10 years of scrapping. Thank Goodness the industry evolves too- when I started, there was only Creative Memories and Mrs. Grossman's stickers!! Can you imagine what scrapbooking will be like in another 10 years? I hope I don't look back on the pages that I love today and hate them like I do the pages I made in the beginning!

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Andrea said...

Your blog looks awesome Zoa!!! Now I have to go look at your gallery!!!