Monday, April 7, 2008


Hello and welcome to my blog!
I have decided this year to go after some of my scrapbooking goals. For 10 years I have dreamt of having one of my pages published. It is time to stop dreaming!
Along the way, I have discovered the online scrapbook world. Unbelievably, I never realized how much is out there! I found a website that notifies people of design calls: page submissions, design team availability etc. I never even knew what a design team was until recently! (crazy!) It sounds really interesting and I am going to pursue this...

So I am taking a deep breath, a huge step and I am going to apply for some Design Teams-
and see if I have what it takes! Wish me luck!!

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Rebecca said...

YAY!!!!Welcome to the blog world Zoa! It's fun once you get started! Love your pages!