Friday, September 5, 2008

Photography 101

I am trying to teach Matt how to take decent pictures of me.
Somehow- the pics he takes ALWAYS look AWFUL!
I look in the mirror- and I look great ;)
then Matt takes a picture of me- and I want to throw up!
{is that possible?!?}
So this morning we got up
bright and early and went to the
Rainbow Gardens
for a photography session....

Matt's Rules:
*use that zoom baby!
what do you think it is there for?

zoom in!!!
*minimize my chin at all costs!
I do not have 4 chins,
I do not want to look like it in your pictures!
*wait for the wind
I do not want to have funky fly away hair!

*make me look sexy!

you can do it- you love me!

Well I have to say-
there were still lots of duds,

but there were also some great shots!
Way to go Matt!







which one is your favorite?
I would love to know your opinion!

Also!! Featuring one of Matt's photos-
Here is my
"August Apron Challenge"

layout for Bad Girls!

We had to make a page about our goals using the August kit

thanks for looking and have a
FABULOUS weekend!


Mara... said...

Zoa, I love that first black and white pic of you! Very pretty, Matt did a good job!! And the one of you and Matt is great too!

I think I need to give my hubbie lessons, too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Zoa !!!! Im so excited that we are both on BadGirls, you were always one of my faves to chat with on CA . I also was such a fan of your stuff i so thought they would pick you for DT !!!! But Wendys kits RULE, i have subbed since Feb and bought them on willows before that ! LOL .... I have been a board member there for a year now , but when you have time my blog explains that alot has been happening with one of my kiddos so i have been on hiatus but im back now :) Gimme your email and i wont take up your whole comments section , lol ....

Jackie said...

Cool Lo I love everything here!!

Jamie said...

Great LO Zoa, I too love the black and white photo! Matt did an awesome job!!! This LO is beautiful, I like the way you did the goal journaling, the overall design, the stitching!!!
Good luck in the challenge!!!

robin said...

I like the first one!! :)

TanishaRenee said...

Hey Zoa! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your LO, those blues are pretty! Great photos of you, I really like the one with the flower in your hair!

Andrea said...

I love the 3rd pic down!!! They are all good though!!! Gorgeous LO as well!!

Karla Smith said...

Hi Zoa, I love all the photos, My Fave is the first B&W and the Second color one.... Love your BG LO...
Oh and Congrats on the Big News!

Shirley said...

Love the first one but the one of you two together is awesome!